BioHorizons Camlog announce collaboration with SmileFast Implants

By BioHorizons Camlog

12th August 2021

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BioHorizons Camlog UK & Ireland are pleased to announce they are teaming up with SmileFast Implants to provide an uncomplicated and easy implant pathway for dentists to get started in restoring and placing dental implants.

SmileFast Implants are pioneers in developing a robust training pathway that has everything clinicians need to plan, place and restore implants confidently and safely in one streamlined workflow.

In developing their 12-month PG diploma in Implant Dentistry, SmileFast Implants have simplified implant dentistry and created an enhanced support and education structure that paves the way for more clinicians to get involved in this exciting discipline. In addition to the year-long course are the following courses:

  • Basic Surgical Skills for Implant Dentistry
  • TMD & Occlusion in Implant Dentistry
  • Current Concepts in Ridge Preservation Techniques

Combine this with their proven online portal, where cases can be uploaded, and treatment plans developed, discussed, and agreed, SmileFast Implants successfully supports clinicians to deliver safe and effective treatment. Furthermore, this process is completely mentor-supported, giving clinicians a unique safety net that is bespoke for every patient and every procedure, as they develop their implant planning and placement confidence.

This latest partnership perfectly complements BioHorizons Camlog’s solutions-based concept, ‘The Implant Revolution’, which focuses on empowering today’s (and tomorrow’s) dental professionals to become clinically adept and confident in implants.

‘In collaborating with SmileFast Implants, BioHorizons Camlog continues to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective implant training programme. Together we hope to provide an innovative approach to implant education and give clinicians the skills and confidence needed to not only get started in this exciting discipline but to continue to prosper into a successful implant business. We fully support SmileFast Implants’ blend of education and mentorship, and together we aim to help make dental implants accessible to all.’

Alex Guest – General Manager, BioHorizons Camlog UK & Ireland

The SmileFast Implant training programme, supported by BioHorizons Camlog, is delivered by a highly qualified professional education and support team, including leading implant dentists and lab technicians, who bring with them a wealth of experience in both implant successes and failures.

Kick-start your dental implant journey with SmileFast Implants and BioHorizons Camlog – find a course to suit you here.


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