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By Maja Thompson

10th August 2021

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Maja Thompson, Commercial Director/General Manager at MediHoldings, a Henry Schein company, explains how a helping hand can aid the growth and prosperity of dental practices

The backing you need

Operational efficiency has always been a high priority for dentists wanting to optimise the financial stability of their practices. Now, as the pressure on practices to deliver increased activity levels, despite ongoing restrictions, grows, so too does the need for experienced and knowledgeable specialists to assist with all manner of administrative functions.

The force for change that has taken place in the last 12 months has, in some measure, provided a renewed focus for business owners, who are now recognising the need to access support and guidance which will help them emerge from this period, stronger than ever before. What is important now is to see this as a time of opportunity, a time to rebuild and improve the efficiency of your practice. This process can be aided and abetted by using a trusted partner, who can offer a range of service solutions, that will touch every part of your practice and is designed to help you grow and prosper.

Henry Schein Business Solutions is an example of such support, comprising a value-added service offering from a group of carefully selected partners, devised to meet the needs of a modernday practice and deliver tangible results that will complement other practice services.

While clinical and administrative teams focus on the safe, comprehensive triage and treatment of patients, our Business Solutions’ partners provide a range of support services that help practices run their operations smoothly and efficiently, containing costs and driving performance improvements.

What’s on offer?

Our Business Solutions’ partners cover a wide variety of essential services; from guidance on buying, selling and managing a dental practice, full turnkey property, lease and health and safety solutions, to comprehensive advice on team recruitment, training and HR, as well as all-important financial management and leadership.

Business Solutions also contains elements that will benefit all dental professionals as they make their way through each stage of their career pathway. Featuring relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes, our partners help update skills and knowledge and deliver required training that will enable members of the dental team to maintain their commitment to lifelong learning.

The offering from each of our partners is unique and exclusive to Henry Schein, so we can ensure that as a business owner you and your team receive the best service value, allowing you to operate in the most efficient manner possible.

Reducing overheads

In the current economic climate, the majority of practice owners are looking to cost containment as an important way of maintaining profitability. Even in the best of times, overheads are a fact of business life, yet if they remain unchecked, they can quickly eat away at a practice’s bottom line.

Finding the best deals on essential practice services can be timeconsuming and for hard-pressed teams the ability to find solutions from a single source makes great business sense. Henry Schein has negotiated market leading rates, not found elsewhere, through our Business Solutions partners, meaning that practices can save significant amounts on those everyday essentials that no practice can do without. These include card transaction services, indemnity insurance, patient finance plans, clinical waste management, practice marketing, property, compliance services and much more.

If you’re looking to improve overall business performance, our ‘best practice’ advice will put you on the right track for sustainable, long-term growth. Business reviews undertaken by a dedicated consultant can help ensure you’re optimising your treatment blend and appointment bookings, increasing hygienists’ chairtime and private revenue and ultimately driving up the value of your practice.

Leading the way

The services offered through Henry Schein Business Solutions are designed to suit every type and size of practice and to show where opportunities exist for increasing revenue as well as containing costs.

Our industry-leading solutions and services can help all practices reach their business goals, while still affording you the time to take the very best care of your patients.

Full details of the all the services to help your business grow and prosper can be found on the website or by speaking to your local Henry Schein representative.



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