Unleashing success and maximising profitability in implant dentistry

By Chetan Mathias

17th October 2023

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Chetan Mathias explores the essential elements of hard work, empowered teams and effective strategies that can help you excel in your dental practice.

As a dentist who works in a mixed practice and as co-owner of two large NHS practices, most of my work revolves around the private industry, of which my primary focus lies in two main treatments: implant dentistry and orthodontics. Over the past 16 years I have witnessed a surge in demand for both treatments, especially in relation to dental implants, of which I currently place approximately 700 annually. Whilst the volume of my implant treatment continues to grow, my true passion lies in impacting the lives of fellow dentists and helping unleash their own success and ultimately maximise profitability within their dental practice.  

 So how do we do this – I hear you ask? 

 The power of hard work!

Hard work is the fundamental element that paves the way for success and serves as the foundation of your journey. In my opinion, hard work has five key components: drive, planning, the grind, sacrifice, and the payoff.  

Your drive is the motivation that propels you forward, while planning provides the roadmap for your actions. The effort represents the challenging phase when hard work and grind becomes tedious, but overcoming this stage is crucial. Sacrifice is at the heart of hard work, demanding personal commitment and stepping out of your comfort zone. Finally, the payoff refers to the achievements and milestones you reach along the way. Celebrating small wins is vital, and it’s essential to keep pushing forward. 

Have the right mindset!

Having the right mindset is essential for success! Cultivating a growth mindset allows you to see possibilities instead of limitations. Embrace the belief that if someone else has achieved something, you can do it too by following their path. Define what success means to you and set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) to guide your journey. Trust your intuition, maintain a positive attitude, and most importantly, take massive action. Owning your problems and responsibilities will help you overcome obstacles and foster personal growth. 

 Behind a great dentist…

…lies a great team! Building and empowering a strong team is crucial for achieving results. Avoid micromanaging and focus on clarifying expectations rather than dictating the means to achieve them. Empower team members through defined roles and open communication, fostering collaboration and growth. Create an environment where everyone feels comfortable approaching you, promoting cooperation and development. 

Self-improvement and personal growth are essential, and we need to learn to forgive ourselves if we make mistakes because we understand and learn from them. Open communication is fundamental in addressing and preventing recurring issues. Implementing systems and processes and showing appreciation for the contributions of others are also key to success. 

 Share the knowledge!

In my journey, I have found great value in training and sharing knowledge with my colleagues. This led me to establish platforms like the ‘Implant Academy’ and ‘Dental Practice Mastery’, which serve to support and educate others in the field. I also highlight the importance of staying up to date with the latest developments in dentistry. Regardless of our experience, there is always something new to learn. Ongoing education benefits personal and professional growth tremendously. 

Further supporting this, I am proud to be a Clincial Mentor on the BioHorizons Camlog Chairside Visitation programme, a dedicated service offering mentorship and support through clinical observation for key surgical treatments.  

 Keep up with technology!

Incorporating digital workflows into our practice is significant. Digital technology provides reliability and predictability, reducing the chances of human error. Patient satisfaction plays a vital role in building a successful practice, and we should always strive to exceed their expectations. 

Take for instance, when selecting an implant company, I recommend dental professionals follow a specific criterion, considering factors such as a company’s history, clinical backup, customer service, training opportunities, and international access. In my experience, right from the early days of getting started with implants to progressing into more advanced and complex courses, BioHorizons Camlog have been a constant support for me.  

I favour the BioHorizons Camlog CONELOG®implant system due to its clinical and immediate placement benefits. With Platform Switching and the deep conical CONELOG® connection, the system focuses on treatment concepts at bone level and enables aesthetic reconstructions. The clinical advantages, long-term data and high success rates of the Promote® Surface up to the platform and bone level position complement each other and help to preserve crestal bone and achieve aesthetic results 

 Moral of the story…

Dental practice mastery requires hard work, the right mindset, and empowered teams. By embracing and implementing these principles in your practice, you can maximise profitability and achieve your goals. Remember – success is within your reach, regardless of the challenges you face or the location of your practice. You can strive for excellence and positively impact the dental industry. 

To watch the full webinar click here or to read more about how Chetan’s relationship with implants has evolved over the past 15 years click here.

To request Chairside Visitation support from Chetan Mathias click here.

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Bds, Dip.Imp.Dent.Rcs ( Edinburgh ) Dr Chetan Mathias is a practicing dentist and co owner of 2 practices .Leads a large team in both practices . Been using BioHorizon implants since 2009 and one of the largest users of the Camlog implant system . His areas of interest are digital implant dentistry and full arch rehabillation . Been training dentists nationally and internationally on surgical implantology . Member of the royal college of surgeons , edinburgh , ADI and the ITI

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