Dental careers in Republic of Ireland

By Sian Storer

10th May 2021

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MediCruit Recruitment Consultant Sian Storer reveals why candidates are looking to Republic of Ireland to advance their dental careers.

Right now, the dental market in Republic of Ireland is strong and there are plenty of opportunities for dentists and specialists of all professional levels.

What makes Republic of Ireland a great place to practice dentistry?

Many candidates we speak with in the UK want to enjoy the work for which they trained hard to qualify without the consistent pressure of hitting targets.

It is a particular concern for practitioners facing NHS contract changes while still feeling the effects of the pandemic. Dentistry in ROI is structured differently to the UK and a greater proportion of the work is undertaken in the private sector. The Health Service Executive (HSE) provides dental care to children under the age of 16, and to adults under the Dental Treatment Service Scheme. Patients also have access to treatment under the Pay Related Social Insurance scheme (PRSI) and Universal Social Charge (USC). Crucially, none of these schemes includes an equivalent of UDA targets. It takes pressure off dental practitioners and allows them to concentrate on their work, resulting in a less stressful working environment. This makes for a very attractive prospect to UK candidates considering relocation.

Nor is there a huge difference in salary opportunities. Salaries in ROI range from approximately 50,000 to 150,000 EUR with the average salary at 99,500 EUR. The remuneration percentage is typically between 45% and 50%. We do see higher salary opportunities in the UK, particularly in private practice. But, of course, the trade-off is a career with less stress, which is a more valuable commodity to many dentists.

How do industry requirements compare to the UK?

All dental practitioners in ROI must be registered with the Irish Dental Council. They must also be listed on the Irish Register of Dentists in order to practice legally.

The IDC works in a similar way to the GDC, and registrants pay an annual fee of approximately 220 EUR. The registration process can take up to 3 months. We therefore advise candidates to register as soon as possible so we can start exploring suitable positions.

Unlike in the UK, CPD is not mandatory. However, it is strongly encouraged within the Irish dental industry. We always advise candidates to continue their professional education. Not only does it keep skills sharp and industry knowledge up to date; it looks impressive on a CV!

What can MediCruit do for candidates?

We assist with everything from the point of application all the way through to offers and acceptance. Our expert support includes help with CVs, interview feedback, and advice on indemnity insurance.

We put candidates forward for positions, arrange interviews, negotiate offers and chase compliance documents. Candidates are assured of keeping up to date with the latest positions by using our bespoke job-alert service. We take information such as minimum salary requirements, location and ideal working hours to tailor our text or email alerts, ensuring candidates are not bombarded with irrelevant job advertisements. Our service is completely free up to the point we place a candidate in their perfect role. We even follow up with candidates three months into their new roles to see how things are going and to resolve any issues.

What makes MediCruit unique to other agencies?

We do not simply list roles online and wait for responses. We actively seek out the positions best suited to our candidates’ requirements and ambitions.

If a candidate is interested in further education while they work, we will try to find a practice within their preferred area that can accommodate their long-terms goals. We have candidates who have been with us for over eight years and with whom we have built great relationships. MediCruit team members maintain individual working relationships with candidates for a complete understanding of their employment needs. We also have the advantage of our fantastic support network which includes Henry Schein and Software of Excellence. And for entrepreneurial candidates considering their own start-ups, we can put them in touch with the MediEstates team for advice and support.

We have already helped candidates who relocated from the UK to find a fresh start in Republic of Ireland. We asked Dentist Ofeibea Russell and her new employer, Steve Kiss at Ardrum Clinic, County Cork, about their experiences with MediCruit.

“We made the decision to leave the UK after the Brexit result. My husband is Irish, and I have dual Canadian/Irish citizenship, so it made the most sense to move to Ireland. MediCruit was my first choice when I started looking for a position because I had already spoken with some of the team at a BDA conference when I was in DFT. I was impressed and always kept the company in mind. MediCruit provided a fantastic service that I could not recommend highly enough. I absolutely love my job. It is the best practice I have ever worked for, and I am so happy I was able to find a position at Ardrum Clinic.”

~ Ofeibea Russell, Dentist at Ardrum Clinic, County Cork.

“Our practice was expanding due to an increasing number of patients. We advertised for staff but had little success elsewhere. When we worked with MediCruit, which we discovered as a long-time customer of Henry Schein, the experience was totally different. We would have liked an even quicker provision of the workforce, but there’s no doubt I would recommend MediCruit to another practice. Keep up the good work!”

~ Steve Kiss, Managing Director at Ardrum Clinic, County Cork.

MediCruit currently has a number of regular and specialist roles available in ROI, including Associate, Endodontic, Orthodontic and Periodontic positions for independent, small group and corporate practices. Please visit our website for more information and contact details at


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Sian Storer has over 7 years’ experience in the Dental Recruitment industry. She has provided consultation to MediCruit clients across the North of England, Scotland and Ireland, providing highly skilled candidates to dental practices and ensuring dental professionals find their ideal roles.



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