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15th March 2022

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Katy Worthy, Managing Director of O by Olfacto, explains why the role of scent marketing in a dental practice is imperative to the patient experience.

When it comes to scent marketing, we all know that smell and aroma evoke certain memories and feelings. Supermarkets use the scent of freshly baked bread to entice you to feel warm and relaxed and in the mood to spend more money. Estate agents also recommend baked goods or freshly brewed coffee to create a homely and relaxing environment in the house, encouraging you to make that offer. Smells can affect your mood and can transport you to another time and space, be it a perfume that your mother wore, or the smell of your favourite casserole on your grandmother’s stove. Fragrance and memories are irrevocably intertwined and in addition to triggering memories they also alter your mood. Smell is the most sensitive of all our senses and can be used to your advantage.

How smell effects your mood

When a patient enters your dental practice, what do you think they are feeling?

Many people feel anxious and will have a certain hesitance about their impeding treatment. Dental practices often have a very distinct medicinal and sterile smell which can heighten anxiety and the first 15 seconds of a patient’s visit can strongly influence their impression. It is therefore imperative that patients feel comfortable and relaxed when they enter through your doors.

Research shows that the use of fragrance can reduce apprehension for people in stressful situations. A smell that can be associated with your brand can have a positive effect on customers and the decisions that they make. Many businesses have begun to realise the power of scent marketing and how it can affect the customer experience. But the question is, how can your dental practice create that unique patient experience by using scent marketing to enhance engagement, improve mood and reduce stress?


Scenting your dental practice

An ideal way to convey the immersive experience for your dental patients is by bringing together technology and fragrance through the power of scent marketing. With O by Olfacto’s luxury commercial scent systems and electric diffusers, and as experts in scent design, we can help you create and deliver a welcoming and memorable environment that aligns with your brand.

Perhaps the compact, sleek design of the OBYO MINI, which was voted 9/10 and ‘Best for style’ in The Independent’s ‘8 best air fresheners for long lasting scent’ is what your practice needs to get started in scent marketing. Or for those larger spaces, then the OBYO LUXE with its Bluetooth app-controlled design powerfully emits a fragrant to suit your brand. Plus, with our commercial scenting solutions such as rental packages and full-installation service into your air conditioning, there really is a solution to suit all dental practices, regardless of their size.

Having worked with leading brands such as Rosewood Hotels, The McCallan and The Savoy, O by Olfacto can offer your dental practice an exclusive range of long-lasting, signature and bespoke scents that are sure to relax and calm your patients and improve their mood. In addition to this, it can also help to boost morale within the dental team and heighten your dental practice’s value and perception. Any unpleasant odours can be neutralised and an ambience can be created that will differentiate the patient experience.

So, if you want to create an improved patient experience and develop your brand image, this could be the ultimate enhancement and finishing touch for your dental practice.

Discover your signature scent or create your own bespoke scent today by speaking with O by Olfacto. Visit, call 01932 977070 or email


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