5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Ireland — A Great Place to Live

By Sian Storer

10th April 2021

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There’s been a lot of chatter about the idea of moving to Ireland in recent months. With Brexit done, it’s no wonder many people are considering their options and looking for new places to live when it comes to a career in dentistry in Ireland. 

The Emerald Isle has always had a certain appeal for many people who consider themselves adventurous or independent, but now that appeal is even stronger. Here are 5 reasons why you should move to Ireland.

1. Dentistry in Ireland is more private than ever

Ireland is a great place to grow your career in dentistry. The dental industry does not have UDAs therefore most practices are private. Ireland’s low corporate tax rate is also a huge draw for practices, making it a great place to live and work.

To complement all this, it’s also an easy place to get inspired and create your own entrepreneurial journey, as Ireland’s talent pool is diverse. You can do this by staying in a rented property provided you are an independent worker, or find other people to live with and share your rent expenses.

In addition, the rest of Europe has been stagnant with job losses for many years, and this has been shocking to many young people. If you find yourself with that same mindset where you would love to change jobs but don’t have a better offer on the table, packing your bags and moving to Ireland is a great option.

2. Ireland is a small country with a lot to offer, both in terms of lifestyle and economy

With a population of 4.9 million people, Ireland is a small but vibrant country. Despite its small size, it has a thriving economy and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. This is because Ireland is a member of the European Union, and due to the fact that it has a highly educated workforce.

A recent study done by the UCD Institute of Technology and the Celtic Health Alliance found this to be the case, claiming that “the skilled workforce plays a significant role in attracting and keeping talent in the Emerald Isle.” It’s no wonder that Google Ireland has compared the cost of living in Ireland to the UK in order to attract talent.

3. Ireland offers a low cost of living

Ireland ranks high in world rankings for quality of life. According to the 2019 World Happiness Report, Ireland was rated #7 overall.

The Irish reputation for low taxes isn’t a story as old as time. While social welfare has been in place in Ireland since the country gained independence from Britain in 1922, the highest income tax rate that was ever set was 12.5 percent in 2004, and it’s remained unchanged since then.

A person working as a Dentist in Ireland typically earns around €99,400 per year. Salaries range from €51,700 (lowest) to €152,000 (highest).

4. The Irish are some of the most friendliest people you will ever meet

Leaders of Netflix, Spotify and Airbnb would consistently report that the availability of a good quality of life are the main factors influencing them when deciding whether to recommend the island to their employees.

They have realised that many of their top employees were drawn to the fact that they would be free to live here with no legal restrictions on their day-to-day activities, and therefore a more relaxed and fun lifestyle was incredibly attractive.

There are a very low number of restrictions the country places on business establishment. This free-flowing economic environment is ideal from the perspective of start-up operators and entrepreneurs because it enables them to function with virtually no oversight. Take this positive COVID-19 climate with you when you pack your bags for the Emerald Isle.

5. Ireland has been names one of the top countries in the world for expats

In today’s global economy, expats are more common than ever. Because their skills are needed by companies in a globalised world, many expats have moved to countries with low salary costs and increased job opportunities. Ireland is undoubtedly one of the top destinations for expats, and the reason is obvious. Ireland has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, with an EU-wide average of just 4.3%, making it one of the least-unemployed countries in the world.

In recent years Ireland has become more attractive than ever. Dublin’s cost of living has dropped from emerging as a destination among expats to one of the best in Europe, with rents comparable to other cities in the UK. Although some expats still consider the Emerald Isle a bargain compared to other places in Europe, after living here for a few years, you quickly realise that such comparisons aren’t valid.

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Sian Storer has over 7 years’ experience in the Dental Recruitment industry. She has provided consultation to MediCruit clients across the North of England, Scotland and Ireland, providing highly skilled candidates to dental practices and ensuring dental professionals find their ideal roles.



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