Solid foundation training in implants

By Dr Toheed Hamid

28th June 2021

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Discover a fully online introductory course that offers you foundation training in implants and enables you to have a concrete understanding before you embark on your implant journey.

Are you thinking about getting started in implants? Are you spending hours researching implant courses but concerned about the time commitment and hefty course fees that often come with them? If you answered YES to any of these, then STOP what you’re doing and start thinking about getting a “feel” for implant dentistry and getting the foundations of implant dentistry right first, before making that long-term and sometimes costly commitment.

The  ‘Implant Starter Course’ with the ITMA (Implant Training & Mentoring Academy) has been specifically developed for this reason – to provide all the essential foundations of implant dentistry before diving in at the deep-end. With 12 weekly online sessions (60-90 minutes), delivered over a three-month period and focusing on all the practical and theoretical elements of implant dentistry, this unique learning experience will enable you to have a solid base of knowledge before you step into the exciting world of implants and expand your skillset.

Dr Toheed Hamid, one of the course providers alongside Drs Mohsin Ali, Sahraa Jabbar, Aneel Jabbar, explains that the theoretical aspects of implant dentistry are just as important as the practical when becoming a competent implant dentist – essential for foundation training in implants.


There is a temptation for many aspiring implant dentists to undertake a hands-on course with the primary focus on being able to carry out a certain number of cases at the end. This is often without obtaining some of the essential theoretical skills fundamental to implant dentistry.

The 12-session course offers 24 hours CPD and will be followed by a full hands-on day covering surgical, and prosthetic aspects and practicing placing implants on anatomic models. For additional support, delegates can be added to a WhatsApp group where cases can be shared and discussed. Lessons are also recorded and accessible for two weeks after each session, so delegates can have the luxury of recapping what they have learn across the following topics.

  • Month one: Planning implant related treatments
  • Month two: Surgical aspects of implant dentistry
  • Month three: Restorative aspects of implant dentistry

Upon completion of this course, delegates should be able to discuss factors affecting the planning and success of implant treatment and understand surgical and prosthetic protocols for simple implant treatments. They will also be able to discuss the importance of proper implant positioning and the relevant planning and understand the use of different types of abutments and implant crowns. In addition, the course will outline the range of implant-related treatment options so delegates can confidently discuss them with patients.

This online foundation training in implants course offers limited places, so we recommend contacting the ITMA to secure your place !


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BDS (Bristol 2008) DipImplantology (Bristol 2018) Toheed graduated from the University of Bristol in 2008 and limits his clinical time to implants and oral surgery only. He has developed a reputation for being an empathetic, thorough and well-mannered dentist. Over the past 5 years, Toheed has held the role of Foundation Dentist Trainer with great enthusiasm. In this role he is responsible for training, mentoring and guiding newly-qualified dentists during their transition from university to general practice. Toheed has furthered his postgraduate education by undertaking 2 years of the MSc in Dental Implantology course at the University of Bristol as well as attending numerous advanced implant training courses. He has been placing implants since 2014 and spends most of his time travelling between practices placing and restoring implants. Toheed provides a full range of implant treatments, including full-arch treatments and complex hard and soft tissue grafting. He also mentors dentists who are new to dental implantology and helps their development and growth through his own ‘starter’ course for dental implantology -

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