The importance of brand heritage in implant dentistry

By BioHorizons Camlog

6th March 2024

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We discuss how the evolution and fusion of two pioneering companies has shaped the dental implant industry.

Once upon a time, two companies with distinct legacies and unique strengths found themselves at the crossroads of opportunity in the dynamic landscape of dentistry. Their stories, though divergent, shared common threads of science, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in evidence-based dental implant products.

This is the heritage story of the remarkable fusion between BioHorizons and Camlog and a celebration of their 30th and 25th anniversaries.

BioHorizons, a pioneer in engineering smiles through dental implants and tissue regeneration solutions, has a legacy dating back to 1994. Originating in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, the company’s journey was marked by ground-breaking research, innovations, and a relentless pursuit of quality. Meanwhile, in Germany, at the epicentre of high technology, Camlog was founded in 1999, establishing itself as a formidable force in the manufacturing of dental implants.

As market dynamics evolved and presented new challenges and opportunities, the leadership of both companies recognised the potential for collaboration that could arise from a strategic alliance. The conversations centred around a shared passion for excellence in oral reconstruction that both companies shared.

Combined forces, accelerated evolution

Since 2016, BioHorizons Camlog has strategically united under the umbrella of Henry Schein’s Global Oral Reconstruction Group. By uniting forces, both entities began to weave a new narrative that leveraged our combined forces to accelerate evolution within global implantology and better serve customers across more than 90 countries and territories.

This new chapter in corporate history reflects the combined expertise of BioHorizons Camlog as a leading provider of premium dental implant systems, prosthetic components, and regenerative solutions and a shared commitment to improving the quality of life for patients with missing teeth.

Continuous evolution

With a combined market experience of over 55 years, BioHorizons Camlog has been at the forefront of advancements in implant dentistry and regenerative materials.

Implants: With well over a decade of tapered implant success, we’ve used our knowledge to develop implant systems, such as the Tapered Pro and CONELOG®.

  • Tapered Pro – Provides a predictable solution with increased primary stability for immediate treatment. Launched in 2007, with its unique Laser-Lok®microchannels, as the only surface treatment shown to attract a genuine, physical connective tissue attachment, exemplified our dedication to evidence-based research and development.
  • CONELOG® Progressive-Line – With Platform Switching and the deep, high-precision, conical connection with superior positional stability1,2, combined with the clinical advantages of the Promote surface up to the platform, the system focuses on treatment concepts at the bone level and enables aesthetic reconstructions.

Full-arch: BioHorizons Camlog supports clinicians in meeting the needs of their patients through innovative full-arch technology. Both implant systems are complemented by their full-arch solutions and a handy loan (TICK or CLICK) box to provide all your implant and prosthetic components before surgery.

Biomaterials: The company offers comprehensive regenerative and patient-centric solutions to create a solid foundation for hard and soft tissue growth. With xenograft, allograft, and synthetic options to meet the clinician’s and patient’s preferences, our biomaterials solutions are designed to offer greater treatment flexibility and greater material choice to the patient whilst increasing patient acceptance.

Supporting this extensive portfolio is a comprehensive continued education programme that allows clinicians to control their pathway to success in implants and biomaterials at their convenience. Complementing the BioHorizons Camlog education programme is a dynamic series of masterclasses, symposiums, and webinars, to further enrich the learning experience.

Preserving the past and shaping the future

With a view to the upcoming years, the next generation of engineers at BioHorizons Camlog will continue to shape the future of implant dentistry with fresh ideas and novel advancements. Key technological developments will drive improved treatment success and the patient experience with a focus on enhanced accessibility and affordability so that more patients can realise the life-changing benefits of dental implant treatment.

Advancements in digital dentistry and software, such as AI-driven diagnostics, virtual planning software, and intraoral scanning, will help streamline implant procedures, making them more accurate and less invasive. The rapidly growing field of 3D scanning and printing will also become more mainstream for creating patient-specific treatment plans with high-precision surgical guides, temporary prosthetics, and final prosthetics.

Ultimately, implants and prosthetics have the potential to become more integrated with other healthcare technologies. This could enable real-time oral health monitoring and potential early detection of issues. Combining this with the continued advancements in regenerative medicine will support new ways to enhance tissue regeneration around implants, further improving long-term success and reducing complications.

Global reach, local feel

Our concept of “global reach with a local feel” has become a hallmark of success for our 90+ subsidiaries and distributors. This approach signifies a delicate balance between expansive, worldwide operations and a deep-rooted understanding of local cultures and markets.

BioHorizons Camlog UK & Ireland is dedicated to assisting dental implant clinicians and their practices in achieving business and personal objectives with premium dental implants, unrivalled in-surgery support, and unwavering customer service at affordable prices.  As Alex Guest, UK & Ireland General Manager sums up:

“We remain steadily committed to making a positive impact in oral health care and continuing to enhance the well-being of our patients. Our milestones and achievements reflect BioHorizons Camlog’s dedication to advancing dental implant technology, collaborating with industry experts, and providing clinicians, and importantly patients, with innovative and reliable solutions.”

So, whether it’s educating dental patients and promoting awareness of treatment options, aiding the dental team in advancing career goals through educational pathways or offering support and advice, BioHorizons Camlog is here for every aspect of the dental implant journey – now and for the next 30 years and beyond.

View or download our Heritage Brochure here or to become a part of the BioHorizons Camlog legacy click here


[1] Semper-Hogg W, Zulauf K, Mehrhof J, Nelson K. The Influence of Torque Tightening on the Position Stability of the Abutment in Conical Implant-Abutment Connections. Int J Prosthodont 2015;28(5):538-541

[2] Semper-Hogg W, Kraft S, Stiller S, Merhof J, Nelson K. Analytical and experimental position of the abutment in different dental implant systems with a conical implant-abutment connection. Clin Oral Investig. 2013;17:1017-23

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