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By BioHorizons Camlog

27th February 2024

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BioHorizons Camlog educational offering continues to amplify thanks to its strong heritage of close collaborations and partnerships with world-leading implant educators!

With a rich heritage and reputation for delivering high-quality courses in implant dentistry, BioHorizons Camlog has all the experience and options you need for your education choices this year. Our first-class programmes are tailored for the entire dental team and will inspire you to shape your journey towards implant success on your terms. BioHorizons Camlog does this so successfully because of its close collaboration with world-leading dentists and implant educators.

Continuing partnerships and flexibility

With our ongoing partnerships with educators such as, SmileFast Implants, ITMA, IDEAL, RISE, the Fitz Fahey Academy, and now 15C (new for 2024), we can guarantee your education is of the highest standard. We aim to help you learn from the best educators and clinicians so you can take the first (of many) steps to a successful implant career.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or in the more advanced stages of your implant journey; we can support you in becoming more accomplished in implant dentistry and growing your business. Continuously striving to evolve our education programme, our latest collaboration for 2024 is with 15C, clinicians Dr Minesh Patel & Dr Imi Nasser. Together, we have launched a series of courses on Aesthetic Prosthetic and Ridge Preservation.

Aesthetic Prosthetic

This implant and tooth-based restorative design course is designed specifically for the general dentist and those with a special interest in aesthetic restorative. Together, Dr Minesh Patel and Dr Imi Nasser, aim to support delegates in understanding traditional and modern ceramics to better aid material selection and lab prescription for tooth-based crown, onlays and implant based restorations.

Delegates will experience hands-on activities with a bone level and tissue level restoration, single unit open tray implant impression taking and a screw restoration of an anterior and posterior crown. A live demonstration of a triple-phase multi-unit veneer impression technique is also included.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will be able to visually recognise and understand anatomy and soft tissue principles concerning restorative dentistry and recognise the different implant types, classification and clinical relevance of each.

Ridge Preservation

This one-day interactive course on ridge preservation investigates the fundamental principles of dental surgery, catering to general dentists and those with special interests in oral surgery and implants. Participants will gain valuable surgical insights applicable to daily practice, focusing on ridge preservation techniques.

The course aims to enhance participants’ understanding of when and how to use these techniques for improved aesthetic, soft tissue, and bony outcomes. Key learning objectives include mastering current biomaterials, optimising ridge dimensions, and gaining insights into extraction, surgical and guided bone regeneration (GBR) principles.

By the end of the course, delegates will be proficient in differentiating autografts, allografts, xenografts, and synthetic bone in ridge preservation, adhering to surgical and GBR principles, visually assessing CBCTs, understanding dental extraction principles, performing trauma-minimised extractions, executing ridge preservation grafts, and internally stabilising barrier membranes.

Acknowledging delegates’ varied needs and preferences, we provide adaptable learning journeys seamlessly integrating theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience. This is achieved through a thoughtfully crafted combination of online and in-person courses and events.

Online learning at your fingertips

Enhancing the learning experience for our course delegates is the innovative online education platform,, allowing users to manage their entire implant education pathway. With a handycourse finder tool and seamless booking experience, delegates have the ability to create a personalised account to manage all course bookings and CPD online, as well as gain exclusive access to any available course resources for up to one year.

Since the inception of the BioHorizons and Camlog brands back in the 90s, we’ve continued to remain at the forefront of implant education. The development of our online education platform further demonstrates this commitment to supporting our customer’s educational needs, completely enhancing the course booking experience, whilst also giving delegates the freedom to manage and engage in their own education pathway.

Explore the array of courses at so you can embark on your continuous learning journey across implants, full-arch, biomaterials and guided surgery.

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