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By BioHorizons Camlog

7th February 2024

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Join renowned ‘Smile Engineer’ Dr. Robert Stanley on a one-hour live webinar where he deciphers the implant design for optimal outcomes.

This insightful primer course titled Revealing the truth about dental implants: deciphering the implant design for optimal results’ is set to dispel long-held myths in dentistry and shed light on the critical role that implant design plays. Scheduled for Wednesday 21st February 2024 at 7pm, you’re invited to join Robert Stanley as he explores the eight fundamental parameters that every dentist ought to be familiar with, whether you’re choosing an implant for your practice or evaluating your current offerings. 

As a distinguished US dentist with a unique background in mechanical engineering, Robert not only masters, but also shares his profound understanding of biomechanics in the context of daily dental implant implementation. His extensive experience in implant surgery, coupled with advanced bone and soft tissue grafting, showcases the application of 3D CBCT technology in guided dental implant surgery and sinus lift surgery, ensuring predictable and effective planning and placement of dental implants. 

Empower yourself with the knowledge that has the potential to revolutionise tooth replacement solutions, guaranteeing excellent and enduring results for your patients. Register today to witness a paradigm shift in your perception of dental implants.


What will you learn?

Challenge misconceptions: identify and dispel the prevalent myths surrounding implant design, acknowledging its crucial role in ensuring the success of dental implant procedures. 

Understand key parameters: recognise the importance of the eight fundamental parameters in dental implant design and connect these to the decisions practitioners make in their dental practice.

Translate knowledge to practice: assess existing dental implant offerings and make informed decisions to enhance patient outcomes, ultimately delivering durable and optimal solutions for tooth replacement.

You will also get the opportunity to pose your questions to Dr. Robert Stanley at the end of the webinar and gain an hour of valuable CPD.


Book now onto Robert Stanley’s webinar. Guidance and support from the experts and an unparalleled educational journey are ensured, so let BioHorizons Camlog help you on your implant education pathway. 


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