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By BioHorizons Camlog

19th February 2024

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Partnering with a premium implant provider is about so much more than just using a quality proven implant. It’s also about getting down to the nitty gritty with reliable in-surgery support, unwavering customer service, and having an ‘always on hand’ approach.  

Premium; a status that symbolises delivering a high-quality product, exceptional added-value, and a better experience in the eyes of the customer. High on the priority list when seeking a premium dental implant system and provider, the user wants to be confident the products have a strong brand heritage that is backed by decades of scientific research and high implant survival rates that ensure predictability and quality care for the patient 

In today’s economic climate, BioHorizons Camlog understand that premium products with reliable in-surgery support and unwavering customer service doesn’t have to come with an overinflated price tag. With the customer success stories to back this claim – here are some key DO’s and DON’Ts when choosing to switch to or partner with an implant provider. 

DON’T compromise on results, DO your research! 

When making the important decision of partnering with an implant provider, you’ll no doubt be doing the research, asking peers for recommendations, reading dental publications, and searching online. 

Glasgow implant dentist, Mairi Henderson, did just that after seeing first-hand many reputable UK colleagues using the BioHorizons Camlog implant system. “I recently made the switch because I was unhappy with the results I was getting with my existing implant system. While training in Europe, I got the opportunity to use the BioHorizons Camlog products and liked the outcomes I was getting and decided to explore using their implant myself.”

Stephanie kerkFor Stephanie Kerk, at The Linden Tree Dental Lounge, she switched to the CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant as it had been recommended to her for ‘easy placement’ and ‘great prosthetic possibilities’.

“What made the switch to the CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE really easy was that the kit itself is very simple and instinctive to use. For anyone who has experience placing implants, it should be an easy progression. Also, my Territory Manager Tom Fleming was on hand for the first surgery in case we encountered any difficulties, which we didn’t.”

DON’T worry about the switch process, DO prioritise the support!

Omar IqbalA recent study commissioned by TePe found that 41% of Brits are ‘creatures of habit’ and are reluctant to change or risk-averse. A third of these people are also aware that they are missing out on new experiences and opportunities for personal growth due to this reluctance and it could be holding them back. Don’t let the fear of change stop the implant career growth!  

For Omar Iqbal, an experienced implant clinician with a strong emphasis on full-arch dentistry, the ease of switching came down to the level of support he received. “When I first switched, my Territory Manager, Tom, was always on-hand. His product knowledge shone through and any questions I had he always had the answer straight away.”

Plus, the implant connections and drill protocol of the Tapered Pro implant system were user friendly, so it was a really quick and efficient switch over. Combined with the ease of the TICK Box (TeethXpress® Implant and Component Kit), it has taken a lot of stress away from implant and materials ordering and allowed me to focus more on the clinical side.”

Stephanie’s switch experience has allowed her to grow her implant practice. “Tom and the BioHorizons Camlog team have made a great difference to my implant business. Whenever I want to take the next step in my implant journey, I always have immediate support with courses, personal advice, and visits to the practice. That means I can grow my implant business to a multiple of where it was previously and can offer my patients more advanced solutions than I could before.” She said.  

DON’T settle, DO switch! 

Mairi Henderson embraced the change and wants to reassure others that it’s nothing to fear.

“The prospect of switching implant systems can be daunting and unfamiliar, but the process with BioHorizons Camlog was very streamlined.

Mairi henderson“My Territory Manager, Tom Fleming, was supportive and ensured I was knowledgeable with the technical aspect of the implant system, so that when it came to implementing into daily practice, I felt fully confident”.

If you are having a rough ride with your current implant provider or want to take your implant practice to the next level, then BioHorizons Camlog can help you with premium products and reliable in-surgery support, so that you always aim high! 

Switch once, change forever with BioHorizons Camlog – 


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