3 reasons why it might be time to switch…

By BioHorizons Camlog

15th May 2023

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We discuss why when it comes to your implant provider of choice, it’s about much more than the implant itself, and why it might be time to switch.  

Feel like you’re not getting the service you deserve from your current implant provider? Perhaps the spark in your relationship has gone out, or you’re starting to feel left in the dark – whichever it is we don’t mean to push your buttons any more than needed, but now might be the time to consider how your current implant provider makes you feel and whether it’s time to switch.   

With an abundance of implant systems and manufacturers in the marketplace to choose from, we know how difficult it is to find a provider that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to product quality, price, support and customer service. We also understand how it’s even more challenging to make that decision to switch to another provider – so before anyone makes any hasty decisions, let’s consider why people make that all important decision to jump ship.  

1 – When value add is lacking. 

Believe it or not but price is not always the deciding factor for choosing (or even sticking with) a product or service, the true differentiation is value for money and added value. The customer experience is everything – and a true implant partner should take the time to understand your personal and business goals and put a plan in place to help you achieve them.  

Whether you want to grow your referral base, increase patient marketing activity, advance your implant skills, or develop the team – it’s these added extras that can make your implant system, much more than an implant system.  

2 – When customer service has got you on hold. 

“Please hold, you are number 15 in the queue” – is not what you want to hear when you urgently need to order more supplies or query the correct components you may need for your patient. 

What you do want is a quick, easy and convenient way to order all your implants, prosthetics, biologics, instruments and support materials via various platforms; including an online 24/7 store and emailing or phoning a helpful customer service and sales team, to be supported without delay. You also want to be reassured by consistent and high service levels that allow you to focus on your business and patients. 

3 – When territory support has gone AWOL. 

It’s common for that initial excitement and honeymoon period to wane, but it shouldn’t be common for your territory manager to go missing in action. In fact, you need a reliable representative that is at the end of the phone to call, WhatsApp, text, email, facetime, and even visit you and your team in person in the practice. When did your territory manager last make contact or visit you?  

When your primary point of contact becomes invested in you and your practice growth, that’s when you know they’ve got your best interest at heart and you’re not just a number. Whether it’s in-surgery support for those all-important cases or an hour’s drive to deliver equipment required for complex full-arch surgery, your territory manager should make you feel like you’re their number one priority.  

Is it time for you to make the switch? 

Like any relationship, business or personal, as soon as it becomes unenjoyable, and the spark has gone out it’s probably time to consider jumping ship. Switching implant providers might seem like a daunting and unfamiliar process, but with the right provider it can be hassle-free.  

At BioHorizons Camlog we’re committed to supporting customers through the switching process to make it less daunting. Building that trust in the early stages of the relationship is a vital step to empowering our new customers to take control of their implant growth – and helping them see it through to the end goal.  

If it’s time to switch things up, find your spark and illuminate your future then it’s time to MAKE THE SWITCH to BioHorizons Camlog. Start today at www.maketheswitchtobiohorizonscamlog.co.uk 



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