5 reasons why I use CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants!

By Jonathan Dougherty

2nd April 2022

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Dr Jonathan Dougherty discusses his implant system of choice and how it supports him in achieving predictability in both immediate and delayed protocols. 

The introduction of new dental implant technology, techniques and materials to increase predictability and reliability of implant treatment remains a primary factor for the choice of implant amongst implant clinicians.

And although there are well over 100 companies producing implant components worldwide, there are only a handful of leading reputable dental implant companies that are able to provide the quality of implant and level of support required to become a successful implant clinician and practice.

Having been placing implants since 2016, my experience in placing single implants has been primarily in working with the CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant system from BioHorizons Camlog. In this article I discuss my top five reasons for making this my implant system of choice – and hope it will prove beneficial for any upcoming implant dentist.


Anatomically shaped conical connection

1. Precision of the conical connection

CONELOG® implants are equipped with a 7.5° internal taper for reliable transfer of force and torque and the three proven CAMLOG grooves for precision abutment positioning. The company motto of “A Perfect Fit” is reflected in the clear tactile feedback felt when placing the implant abutments and in studies showing lower rotation and vertical displacement versus competitor conical connections. This precise fit gives me confidence in long-term success of my prosthetics and reduced impact of microgap microbial leakage.

2. Primary stability and immediate loading

The conically shaped apical area and buttress threads of the CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants provide high initial stability. In the coronal area, a crestal anchoring thread gives support for optimal hold with limited bone height. It’s these features that mean I’m happy to use CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants in all manner of cases, from immediate placement/immediate loading to more traditional delayed protocols.

Promote® surface

Promote® surface

3. Promote® Surface

CONELOG® Implants are manufactured from pure titanium and are available with the Promote® Surface.

The Promote® surface, a sand-blasted and acid etched surface, favors rapid and stable osseointegration. This has been documented over the years by a large number of clinical trials in several indications and loading modalities providing a comprehensive documentation including outstanding clinical long-term results.

4. Ease of use

The CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE system is designed not only in terms of quality but also with simplicity in mind. It has numerous features including its 4 diameters, clever implant holder (which includes a cover screw) and neat, streamlined Flex Surgical Kit, alongside many more little touches which make it a very easy-to-use system for implant clinicians.

5. Support

Combine this with the continuously excellent support from the BioHorizons Camlog team, in particular my Territory Manager Tom Fleming, and you really do have an unrivalled support system to help you reach your personal and practice implant goals.

For more information about the CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant click here. To read Jonathan’s cases using this implant system click here.


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Bds, Mjdf Rcs Eng, Mfds Rcs Ed, Mfds Rcs Gla, Dip Rest Dent Rcs Eng, Dip Imp Dent Rcs Eng, Dip Pri Dent Rcs Ire Jonathan strives to provide the highest standards of painless and calming dental care for all his patient’s using the most up-to-date technology. He has a particular interest in both implant dentistry and sedation which led him to set up a referral centre in Kilmarnock for the management of anxious patients under IV sedation. He enjoys building strong relationships with his patients in a friendly environment and loves giving them the ability to smile in confidence again. Jonathan is one of the youngest dentists to hold joint awards from the Royal Colleague of Surgeons in Glasgow and Edinburgh. He is also one of a few dentists in Scotland to hold the Prestigious Restorative Diploma from the Royal Colleague of Surgeons London.

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