Get involved in Amit Patel’s & Pynadath George’s intensive two-day course that will cover all you need to know on soft tissue management around natural teeth and implants!

As the demand for dental implants rises, it is important to consider that soft tissue management is critical to the success of placement and longevity. If you are already placing implants regularly and would like to broaden your competencies, soft tissue management is the next step for you. Soft tissue management is crucial to the success of your dental implant practice and is often an area that dentists feel nervous to approach or handle.

You want to be the very best at what you do and long-term successful outcomes with implant dentistry are based on a number of parameters. Among these, the critical assessment of the peri-implant soft tissues and subsequent interventions are considered key issues. Soft tissue management is essential to the long-term success of dental implants, whether it is for aesthetic, health and longevity reasons.

Led by Amit Patel, one the UK’s foremost implant and periodontal plastic surgeons, and Pynadath George, a pioneer for teaching and mentoring in surgical and implant dentistry, the advanced two-day Soft Tissue Management around Teeth & Implants course offers participants the opportunity to learn the anatomical, biologic, and physiologic aspects of the soft tissue which play a decisive role in the assessment of the patient’s situation and treatment planning.

On attending the Soft Tissue Management around Teeth & Implants course delegates will become familiar with the diagnosis and classification of soft tissue recession and principals of predictable soft tissue grafting, as well as mucogingival surgery, suturing, the importance of microsurgery, biomaterials and autogenous materials and instruments and harvesting techniques for autogenous tissue.

Through an effective combination of lectures and hands on practical procedures on both pig jaws and cadavers, delegates will have plenty of opportunities to practice their newly learned techniques.

The Soft Tissue Management around Teeth & Implants course promises to be an exciting learning experience to master soft tissue management with experts in their field. For more information and to book your place on this October course, click here.


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