Xtract Packs for Xcellent results!

By BioHorizons Camlog

3rd January 2022

2 minute read


Are you an implant clinician or a GDP performing extractions? Then the NEW Xtract Packs could be what you’ve been waiting for to create a solid base for soft and hard tissue growth.

The preservation of bone volume and soft tissue height during tooth extraction is essential to achieving ideal bone and soft tissue contour.

Xtract PacksXtract Packs from BioHorizons Camlog supports clinicians by giving them the ability to ‘mix and match’ between bone and membrane materials that are porcine, bovine and allograft to suit both theirs and their patients’ needs.

With a comprehensive range of regenerative solutions, BioHorizons Camlog’s Xtract Packs are the patient-centric solution for individual case management. Clinicians can custom order their Packs to suit their case, choosing between MinerOss® bone substitute materials and Mem-Lok® membranes in bovine, porcine and allograft options.

Being able to offer xenograft and allograft solutions not only enables clinicians to enjoy the benefits of greater range and treatment flexibility for easier extraction socket management, but offers greater material choice to best benefit the patient and therefore increase patient acceptance for surgical treatment.

With demand for implant procedures rising, using the very best biomaterials is essential. Xtract Packs offers clinicians unrivalled versatility and are the perfect synergy between natural-looking aesthetic and long-term function when performing socket grafts, sinus grafts, grafting for implant placements and ridge and sinus augmentation.

To discover more about the differences between xenograft and allograft biomaterials read the ‘Standing on the shoulders of biologics’ article.

Secure your discount now and order an Xtract Pack to receive one dental membrane and one dental bone graft for your next case! Click here for more information.


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