Shear force impact on implant success

By BioHorizons Camlog

14th February 2024

1 minute read



Dr. Robert Stanley discusses biomechanical considerations and bone density classification for implant design, including the three types of bone loads – compression, tension, and shear.

This video is a small extract of a one-hour live primer with Dr Robert Stanley, the renowned Smile Engineer. To watch the full webinar, ‘Revealing the truth about dental implants: Deciphering the implant design for optimal results’ click hereCrafted meticulously by Dr. Robert Stanley himself, this one-hour webinar debunks long-held myths in dentistry and illuminates the critical role that implant design plays.

Discover the quintessence of implant mastery with Dr Robert Stanley on the 10th-11th of May 2024 at the two-day ‘Cornerstones of Implantology’ Masterclass at London’s Royal Lancaster Hotel. Find out more and secure your spot here.

The only editing of this webinar has been to cut it into 5 smaller sections. All opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of BioHorizons Camlog.


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